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  • Christoffer Kølgaard:

    "Brease has an anxiety-reducing effect on children, and adults. We can definitely recommend Brease as a supplement for those with an anxiety disorder or for those experiencing anxiety and restlessness. Brease can be effectively used to create calm and grounding."

  • Maria Wieth:

    "My clients experience more calmness and better sleep with the Brease weighted dino. Many also report improved concentration and more stable emotions throughout the day. Overall, the dino has positively impacted their well-being and their rehabilitation process."

  • “Perfectly balanced weight distribution, providing sensational hugs”

  • “This plushie effectively merges therapeutic benefits with everyday convenience.”

  • “A hands-on approach to managing stress, anxiety, and sensory processing issues.”

  • “It’s really calming to know that all materials are certified safe from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX 100.”

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Must-buy for anxious people!


"This sweet cuddly delight is a God send. He is so soft and the weighted beads are perfectly distributed through his body."

Erin 29 Years

  • Get things done that matter

    Stay focused and productive with brease.

  • Rediscover your peace

    Embrace a calm, stress-free lifestyle alongside our weighted stuffed animal.

  • Sleep like never before

    Experience ultimate sleep rejuvenation with Brease's soothing weighted design.

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brease® & Make-A-Wish®

Brease supported kids in need by donating tons of our our products to the 'Make A Wish Foundation' in 2024.


Can Brease be washed in a washing machine?

Unfortunately, the Brease weighted stuffed animal cannot be washed in a washing machine to preserve its quality and texture. We recommend spot cleaning any areas that need attention using a small amount of soap and lukewarm water.

What age group is Brease most suitable for?

The Brease weighted stuffed animal is ideal for ages 3 and up, providing comfort and a hugging sensation that can be soothing for both children and adults.

How does the six-zone weight distribution enhance the comfort and hug-like feel of Brease?

The six-zone weight distribution means weight is evenly spread across various parts of the animal, mimicking a true hug sensation by providing balanced pressure, a crucial aspect in giving a real and deep calming effect.

What measures has Brease taken to ensure the safety and non-toxicity of the materials used in the products?

Brease uses materials certified as OEKO-TEX 100, class 1, ensuring the utmost safety from harmful substances. It has passed US child safety tests

Can Brease aid in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress, and how does it do so?

Yes, it can. The even weight distribution of the Brease weighted stuffed animal is designed to provide a deep pressure stimulation which can help to reduce anxiety and stress by promoting a feeling of security, much like a warm, comforting hug.

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