About us

A Danish-born brand with a big heart. Founded by a passionate team of three, we're dedicated to creating products that enrich lives. Our flagship product, the Brease weighted stuffed animal, is designed to bring relaxation and comfort to those in need. With love and care woven into every stitch, Brease helps people of all ages enjoy better sleep, reduce stress, and embrace moments of tranquility.

Lucas Ullerup forunder of brease weighted dinosaur plush

Meet Lucas Ullerup Co-Founder of brease

At 28, Lucas is the heart and soul behind Brease. He's battled stress and anxiety, sparking a mission to create products that bring serenity. Based in Denmark, Lucas meticulously crafts products with your well-being in mind.

Beyond Brease, Lucas finds joy in the company of his dog, Gilbert, and a girlfriend who loves snuggling with a Brease weighted dino. Discover the tranquility Lucas has crafted for you at Brease.

Brease brings joy at danish summercamp

brease was part of Danish "Lær for livet" Summercamp for hundred of kids. The organization said "brease" made the camp a total blast.

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