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Brease® Gewichtskuscheltier Einhorn 2,3 kg

Brease® Gewichtskuscheltier Einhorn 2,3 kg

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🌙 Hilft dir, ruhig und entspannt zu schlafen.

🧘 Vermindert Angst, wann immer du sie brauchst.

🛄 Eine kostenlose Reisetasche ist inklusive.

❤️ Schenkt das Gefühl einer echten Umarmung.

🌿 Umweltfreundlich und reiner Komfort.

📦 30 Tage Rückgaberecht.

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Get ready to learn how brease works⬇️

The Science of Snuggles📋

How brease stands out

Brease isn't just a cuddly toy; it's a scientific solution to stress and discomfort. Inspired by Dr. T Grandin's 1992 study on deep pressure stimulation, it's meticulously designed to reduce cortisol and boost serotonin. Its 5lb weight and 6-zone distribution ensure a therapeutic hug, to help kids & adults with stress, anxiety, autism, or ADHD.

  • “Perfectly balanced weight distribution, providing sensational hugs”

  • “A hands-on approach to managing stress, anxiety, and sensory processing issues.”

  • “This plushie effectively merges therapeutic benefits with everyday convenience.”

  • “It’s really calming to know that all materials are certified safe from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX 100.”

Pet-like Comfort: Uniquely Brease 🐈

Replicating the size and weight of a housecat

Brease mirrors the soothing presence of a pet, validated by Dr. Andrea Beetz (2012) study to calm the nervous system. Beyond the cozy feel of a weighted blanket, it offers a deep, personal bond, ensuring a unique blend of comfort and companionship.

  • Christoffer Kølgaard:

    "Brease has an anxiety-reducing effect on children, and adults. We can definitely recommend Brease as a supplement for those with an anxiety disorder or for those experiencing anxiety and restlessness. Brease can be effectively used to create calm and grounding."

  • Maria Wieth:

    "My clients experience more calmness and better sleep with the Brease weighted dino. Many also report improved concentration and more stable emotions throughout the day. Overall, the dino has positively impacted their well-being and their rehabilitation process."

The ultimate durability is handmade🧤

Crafting Comfort That Lasts

Every Brease combines the art of handcraftsmanship with durability, featuring double-stitched, robust fabric to endure endless moments of comfort. It’s a testament to our dedication to quality, ensuring a long-lasting, soothing embrace.

Must-buy for anxious people!


"This sweet cuddly delight is a God send. He is so soft and the weighted beads are perfectly distributed through his body."

Erin 29 Years

The Story of Brease

Commitment to Safety 🛟

Prioritizing Well-being with OEKO-TEX 100

In light of findings from recent studies, including University of Michigans alarming revelation of over 100 harmful chemicals in toys, Brease is devoted to ensuring the utmost safety. By investing in OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials, we guarantee a product tested free from dangerous chemicals, safeguarding your peace of mind.

weighted dinosaur plush brease unboxing

Adventure Ready 🛫

The Portable Peace of Brease

Brease’s design ensures it's ready for any adventure, equipped with a free recyclable travel bag for easy portability. It's a testament to our belief in providing comfort anywhere, underscored by the positive experiences of over 8,000 people

The Community of Brease ☀️

Connecting Through Comfort

Choosing Brease is more than just acquiring a stuffed animal; it's joining a movement towards better mental health and environmental consciousness. It's a commitment shared by thousands, inspired by the scientifically backed benefits and unique bond Brease offers.

  • 6 Zone Weight System

    Ensure a well balanced & effective "deep pressure therapy" expirience.

  • FSC® Cetified Packaging

    Ensure responsible sourcing and promote a greener future.

  • OEKO-TEX Materials

    Our products are made with care to ensure that they meet strict standards for safety and sustainability.

Lets answers questions

How it works

Brease is more than a stuffed animal; it's a companion designed to enhance your well-being. Our unique 6-zone weight system, utilizing silent glass beads, simulates the feeling of a comforting hug, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. The subtle colors and OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials, free from harmful chemicals, ensure a soothing experience without sensory overload. Experience the calming power of weight therapy, embraced by experts worldwide.


Each Brease is a product of meticulous Danish craftsmanship, embodying durability with its double stitching and high-quality materials. Weight: 5lbs. Features: 6-zone weight system extending to all limbs, head, and tail, silent glass beads, OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials, subtle colors for sensory balance, and exceptional durability. Handmade by specialists in weighted pressure therapy. Designed for everyday use.


Your Brease arrives ready to soothe in a high-quality, FSC-certified cardboard box. Inside, you'll find: the weighted stuffed dino, a stylish, biodegradable, and recyclable branded bag that doubles as a cosmetics bag or small pouch, and clear instructions for use and care. Our packaging is as eco-conscious as it is elegant.

Try 100% Risk Free

We're confident in the comfort Brease brings, so we offer a worry-free guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied, contact us at support@breaseworld.com within 30 days of purchase. Return the product in its original condition, and we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Experience the soothing embrace of Brease, risk-free!